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Thursday, April 22, 2010

On The Hunt: Continued

Today I headed south once again to investigate some more of my suspicions on the "To Do List". I decided I would hit a stream that I once hit last Spring, only I would fish a new section of it. Upon arival, I strung up the boo, and decided due to the low water conditions, I should tie on some light tippet, so I ended up going with 7x. The water is painfully low for April. WV is in dire need for some rain. I started with a #14 Lime Trude, and after catching a couple, I switched to a #16 Elk Hair Caddis. I began picking up a few more strikes and landing a few. I hooked and landed a really nice Rainbow for this stream. It was without a doubt the most beautiful Rainbow Trout I have ever caught. On several occasions while fishing I noticed the wild flowers are in full swing. After catching a few more brookies and 1 more Rainbow, I continued on south to a new stream for me. When I arrived the Quill Gordons were coming off with gusto so I switched flies to a #14 Usual in Dun color and it was on. The brookies were hammering it. This stream has a small tributary that flows into it and I suspected it had fish in it as well and I was not dissapointed. So after 2 new streams fished today, over a dozen of fish caught, several more lost or seen, I can scratch 2 more streams off "The List".

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