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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "To Do" List

During the winter I had made a list of streams around the State of WV that I wanted to fish. This will be known as the "TO DO". On that list are several Brook Trout streams that I have not fished, but feel pretty sure of how they might fish. Today with the sun still shining (It was supposed to be raining), I packed up all my stuff, and headed south for the Monongahela National Forest. I arrived to a perfect looking stream that I hoped would be loaded to the hilt with Brook Trout. I strung up my bamboo brookie rod and tied on a #14 Royal Stimulator. Plunge pools, riffles, runs, and plenty of clear water held numerous Brook Trout and shortly I had well over a bakers dozen to my credit. I decided I wanted to try and fish another stream on the "list", and headed a little farther south. Almost as soon as I got there, the rain started and began to hammer the valley I was in. At that point I decided I didn't feel like getting soaked and would have to try it some other day. Oh well, I crossed 1 off the list.

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