Established January 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Last or the First

This post is a hard one to catagorize. Its either a fishing trip into the last of Summer or the first of Fall. Either way today was no let down. I left the house for a quick jaunt into the wilds of Preston County for some Brook Trout and some early fall colors. I was not dissapointed for either of my quarries. Today I would be fishing 2 native Brook Trout streams in the greater Cheat River drainage. I began at the headwaters of a small stream that I had previously fished and had done well at in the past. I lined up the boo and tied on a #10 Rubber Legged Stimulator and began my way upstream. The water was a bit on the scarce side, but I managed to scrounge up 4 trout and letting 2 more off. I headed for the truck and made my way off the mountain and down to the mouth of another stream I had no clue about. I was still using the same fly and began hopping rocks and boulders upstream looking for a decent pool to begin at. After spooking a few nice fish, I landed a few here and there. I wrapped it up after catching my seventh fish of the day and headed home. More fall brookies to come.... Stay Tuned

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Last Hoorah

Today, I traveled south from Preston County into Tucker County in search of Native Brook Trout. I left Clifton Mills around 7:30am and arrived at my destination around 9:15am. After gathering my stuff, and loading up the pack, I hiked over the mountain and down into a rather steep gorge and began fishing a stream where stories of legends are born. I strung up "Salvelinus" my favorite bamboo brook trout fly rod, and tied on a size #10 chartruese rubber legged stimulator. I began catching fish after fish in every pool that the fly hit the water. Although I didn't catch any over the 11 inch mark today, I enjoyed being outside and the time alone fishing a new stream. I believe I ended up landing 18 fish and letting a few more off.