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Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Action

Late September marks the beginning of the 2011 hunting seasons with Squirrel season opening on Sept. 10, and special antlerless archery and muzzeloading seasons taking place the second and third weeks of September. I did not get out for the early archery, but did get to get out with my Dad as we hunted my cousin's Lewis County farm. The hunt started on Friday evening the 23rd with me being able to take a yearling with my muzzeloader. I had to shoot him twice, but as a rule of deer hunting I got him on the ground, and I will eat whats leftover. Saturday morning I decided to go out for a squirrel hunt since I was tagged out for deer. I started at just past 9AM and finished by killing a limit of grey squirrels around Noon. Good start to the hunting season.