Established January 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Rain

A lot of people dont tend to think of July as a typical month to trout fish, but with this summer's out of the ordinary rains, July has been a rather exceptional month to trout fish. Taking advantage of the weather, I talked Chris Mitchell into heading to Southern WV. We arrived at our starting location around 8am and lined up our rods. We both began using large wooly buggers to dredge the water. The stream had excellent flows today, but the water was a little off color so black was the color. The day started off a little slow but that soon changed. Today was largely dominated by Rainbows and only a few Browns. Chris and I both brought a chunky Brown and countless other acrobatic Rainbows. We finished the day out with about 20 fish between the 2 of us.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Floating under the Sun

Today my I spent the day floating down the New River with my wife Andrea, brother-in-law Shawn, and his wife Trista. We floated about 7 miles of the lower New River and while we didn't boat a lot of fish, we did catch some that were very nice in size. The sun was very hot and consequently we all caught a few too many sun rays. It was a great day out to be away from work, and the everyday life. No clue as to how many we each caught, but Andrea caught the biggest of the day. We released all the fish.