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Friday, April 16, 2010

Scratchin' em' Off

Today I continued with my quest to check out the streams on my "To Do List". I had done a drive by on this stream last summer and at that point the water was super low. I decided I would hit it in the spring. Today I finally got around to marking it off the list. I strung up the trusty bamboo brookie rod and tied on a #16 Natural Usual before heading upstream. The water situation here is pretty sparce for this time of year. I wound up spooking a couple of fish before I caught 1 tiny dink, then I lucked up and caught one a little bigger near the 8'' mark. Having other streams on the dockett to checkout out today, I headed back to the truck to head out for other destinations. So I found myself heading south and when I got there, more low water was to be found. I fished 2 tributaries of tributaries and I didn't move any Brook Trout. I still can cross those off my list, but I wont be making a return trip either.

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