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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Campin' and Fishin' part 1

Every year for the past 4 summers, my dad, Uncle Ron, his two sons Ronny and Michael, all of their kids, and myself have been camping at Laurel Fork Campground in Randolph County. We use that campground because its a good base for lots of different streams both stocked and native and there is plenty of other things to do for those of us that dont fish or dont want to fish. This is a pretty large blog entry so its going to be broke up inton 3 posts for each of the days fished.

The first day started early in the campground with a hearty breakfast, but got to a slow start fishing. My dad, Ronny, and his two boys Nate and Jacob, and I finally made it to the stream of choice at around 1pm. After stringing up the rods, we headed up the trailhead and slowly broke apart so we could give one another room. Nate and I started working our way upstream and we began working each pool. Nate was fishing a parachute adams and picked up his first Brook trout of the day. I started with a stimulator and picked up a few Brookies here and there. The water was a tad on the low side and gin clear so finding fish that didn't see you first was the main challenge of today. A few really nice Brook Trout were spotted, but most of the time they spooked shortly after being spotted. Nate and I fshed upstream for over a mile and a half, and then we decided to make our way back to the others so we could head to the truck. The other half of our party brought some fish to hand as well, but no big numbers were put up today.

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