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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Campin' and Fishin' part 2

Today my cousin Nate and I decided to go check out some streams I had heard about and I wanted to try and mark a couple off of my "To Do List". Skipping breakfast, we left camp around 8am and drove over the mountain and headed South to a drainage I hadn't explored much. After arriving at the first stream, we both strung up the rods, tied on a parachute adams and headed upstream. Again low water was the case here, but we took our time and tried not to spook many fish. This particular stream was a Brook Trout stream but there were also rumors that a few Brown Trout called it home as well. It wasn't long before I hooked up on a nice Brookie, and I wanted to put Nate on some fish, so he was up next. We spotted a better sized fish in the tailout of a pool and Nate put the sneak on him and shortly he hooked and landed a Brown Trout. We continued to take turns on each pool and several more Brookies were landed, but Nate hooked a fish of really good size maybe in the 12 to 14'' range that we couldn't positively ID. I'll try that fish some other time.
Later in the day, Nate and I drove as far as the forest service roads would take us upstream in the watershed and fished another new stream. It wasn't a large stream by any means, but it held some nice Brook Trout. We didn't fish this stream for much longer than just to catch a few. Mark another one off the list.
Back at the truck, we decided to venture North for another tributary of the same river in an attempt to do two things; Fish another new stream, and catch the final third of a Randolph County Wild Trout Trifecta. On the way we drove through a major thunderstorm, but we pressed on and found ourselfs on a new stream. The passing storm put the fish down, and our catch rate was not that good, but I did manage to catch a small Wild Rainbow Trout and complete our goal. With better weather, I will fish this stream again.

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