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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Campin' and Fishin' with the Guys

Just got back home from a camping trip that has sort of become a tradition for some of the men in my family. Spent the past 3 days with my Dad, Uncle Ron, cousins Ronny, Jacob, Nathan, Michael, and Chris. Needless to say it was time well spent away from work, phones, problems and just everyday life.

Day 1
Spent the morning and afternoon hiking upstream into the wilderness area of where we had our tent set up. Chirs and I picked up a few brookies and wild browns in this stream, but neither of us landed anything really big. Suprisingly we found a few ramps that were as big as tulip bulbs. Who would have thought ramps on Memorial Day.
Later that afternoon we headed down to a beautiful bug factory of a river to catch a sulphur spinner fall. The action wasn't as hot as I had hoped for, however, I wont complain. Chris and I fished until almost 9:30pm and Chris brought 4 rainbows to hand while I brought 6 Rainbows and 1 Brown to hand.

Day 2
We awoke to some kinda iffy weather with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. We headed for a tributary stream of a great wild rainbow stream. We only spent a short amount of time on this stream but we did manage to bring a total of 8 fish to hand. All brook trout.
After leaving the first stream, we headed to the headwaters of a major tributary of the Potomac Watershed. With it raining hard we pressed on. Picking up fish here and there even with the rain, We found ourselves on a dandy of a trout stream. Chris brought 4 to hand, and I ended the day with 6 to hand, with one brook trout topping out the tape measure at almost 12 inches.
Day 3
Today was the day to break camp and head back to our everyday lives. After packing up at camp, Chris and I headed north to Tucker County in search of plunge pools and large brook trout. Weather indeed was in our favor today, and that made for some great fishing. Plunge pool after plunge pool, tanin stained water and beautiful Brook Trout was today's results. Chris and I ended the day with 17 total brook trout, several nearing the 10inch mark.

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