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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today Andrea and I decided to take the one man pontoons down the New River. We started at the Bluestone Dam at about noon. We were floating to southside. The skies were very overcast and the water was heavily stained. I started with a chartruese 3'' Gitzit G-tail and Andrea was fishing a pumpkin/chartruese 3'' Berkley Powergrub. After catching a few bass, I hooked a nice fish that I first thought was a nice bass, only to see an orange tail making me think I had foul hooked a carp. After a couple more minutes of the fight, I soon realized I had hooked a musky right in the top jaw. I jumped out of the pontoon and snatched that guy up against my chest. As Andrea was trying to get the camera ready for a trophy shot, the fish slithered out into the water again and broke the line. Ironically that was the only chartruese Gitzit I had and consequently the fishing went down the tubes quickly after that. I put on a Berkley Powergrub like Andrea was using and did hook very nice bass only to have it come unhooked later. A few more smallish bass later and the float was pretty much over.

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