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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring's Splendor

This week is the opening week of Spring Gobbler season here in WV.  This year, like last year I took the first week of season off for vacation.  Unlike last year, I have located 2 more places that people have graciously given me permission to hunt on.  After a little pre season scouting and hearing a few birds, I decided I would head South of Kingwood onto a smaller tract of land that a good friend turned me onto.  The first day was greeted with a snowfall of about 3''.  Not really what I had hoped for, but I hunted anyways and I had the fortune of working 2 Gobblers but I dont think they were in the mood to come look for the mysterious hen in the snow.  Day 2 turned out to be colder, yet not snowing.  The birds were gobbling good, but the crunchy leftover snow made maneuvering a bit noisy.  I did manage to call up a coyote, and miss him twice on the run.  Day 3 turned out to be the best yet, and I managed to call up 3 jakes and successfully harvested 1.  He weighed about 13 or 14 pounds, had 1/4'' nubs for spurs and a 5'' beard.  He wasn't the boss bird, but he is much better than the bird I killed last spring as I ate tag soup.  I have 1 more tag to fill, but time will tell how the rest of the season will go.

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