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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The First of the Year

So Spring is starting to show itself and I cant help but get the itch to get out and fish a little bit. I couldnt help but feel compelled to make my way to a brookie stream and attempt to catch the first brookie, first trout, and maybe even the first trout on a dry fly of the year. Earlier in February I had made conversation with a man from church about fishing. I discovered that he, like I, enjoyed straying from the beaten path and liked to explore a little bit. Who better to make a fishing trip with. So Mr. Allan Marshall and I pointed the Chevy south of Kingwood and headed for the Dry Fork drainage in Randolph county and about an hour and half later found ourselves parked at a trailhead that headed east over Allegheny Mountain. After rigging our rods and throwing some water in the packs, we crossed a foot bridge and were afoot up a trail parelleling a nice stretch of some brookie water. This stream was a known spot, but other than seeing the mouth, I had never fished its waters. I have to admit it was a while before any activity happend. For more than half an hour Allan and I fished to no avail. I was finally able to bring a nice little brookie to hand marking the first fish, first brookie, and first trout of the year. In the same pool I hooked and landed a larger brookie on the bead head nymph I was fishing below my Stimulator. We continued upstream for a ways more and I landed 3 other brookies and moved a couple more. We fished about a mile of the stream and then decided we would check out 2 other streams, but unfortunately we struck out on the other 2 streams.

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