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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Turkey Season

Fall Turkey season opened this past Saturday the 22nd, and I could not go out due to work. Today I made it to the turkey woods just before daybreak and headed for a large stand of Cherry, and Scarlet Oaks that I know the turkeys like to roost in. This is also the same stand of woods I was fortunate enough to kill a bird in last fall. Shortly after first light, I found myself leaning against an old cherry tree that was as broad as my shoulders listening for the tell tale sounds of turkeys on the roost. It wasnt long before I thought I heard some soft tree yelps coming further down the ridge. As it turns out I wasnt wrong so I immediately put my gloves and facemask on and sat down against the big Cherry tree I was leaned against. I got out my custom cherry slate over glass and began making some yelps. It wasnt long before turkeys started flying down from the roost. I immediately saw a brood hen and following behind her was at least 8 young of the year juvenile birds. The brood hen was searching for the pleading kee kees and when she made it to 30 yards, I dropped the hammer on her with my Remington 870 and a load of Hevi-Shot #4s. Turkey season opened and closed for me in less than 1 hour.

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