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Monday, March 29, 2010


Today my Dad and I drove to a Pocahontas county Brook Trout stream only to find it high and off color from the rain the night before. At that point we decided we would continue driving north to find some more fishable water. After stopping at another Brook trout stream it too was high and unfishable. We did do some exploration and fish a stream that should've had fish in it, however our efforts turned up nothing. Back in the truck we drove a little farther north and found ourselves heading towards an old favorite. We started at the junction of a tributary stream and fished upstream on the main stem. Following a little trial and error, we hit money when we found out the fish were keying on bright colored nymphs not the dry flies I would've preferred. Dad and I fished for about a hour or so and having dinner plans with my mother, we had to high tail it all the way home from Pendleton Co. back to Summers Co. A day well spent with a few fish caught.

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