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Monday, November 23, 2009

Opening Day 2009

November 23, 2009 saw a rather so so start to the rifle WV buck season. The weather was a little overcast, rainy at times, and a little on the chilly side; perfect deer hunting weather. Not much happened until about 8:00 am when Don Speiden killed a dark racked basket 6pt. Several does were seen up until about 9am but things slowed down considerably soon after. Dad and I were eating lunch in my stand around 1pm and we were watching the fields when he spotted a deer. I grabbed the gun ID'ed the deer as a buck, and nocked the safety off. The buck began to trot across the field and I led the buck in the scope and squeezed off. I noticed the buck flinch and worked the bolt for another shot, but that only lead to a clean miss on the second shot. After dad and I waited about 20 minutes, we got down out of the stand and went to look for blood or hair. No blood or hair found, we headed in the general direction of the buck's last heading. Upon entering the cedar thicket where he went into, I saw the buck's white belly and I slowly approched the deer. After confirming the kill, I found out the buck I shot was a chocolate high racked 8pt. After dressing the deer, dad headed to his stand, and I headed home to skin the buck. Dad managed to put a little meat on the table as well when he put a nice doe on the ground that evening.

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