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Monday, November 2, 2009

Of Beards and Broadheads

Im a little late adding this to the blog, but nevertheless here is the most recent trip report. Last Monday evening, while sitting in the stand I noticed some movement out in front of me. About 8 gobblers were heading my direction. Seeing as how I didn't have a facemask or gloves on, I stood up, grabbed the bow, and readied myself as I knew this encounter was going to happen quickly. There was 1 gobbler that was out in front of the rest and as I was waiting on him to get within range, the others made a b-line straight for my tree. I drew my Mathews DXT, picked out a bird, settled the 30 yard pin and let the RAGE 3 Blade fly. The arrow hit the bird in between the neck and the wing butt and broke the leg on the opposing side and exited. The RAGE had put a hurtin' on this bird. I didnt offically weigh the bird, but I would guess it weighed about 20pounds and it had a 7'' beard and 1'' spurs. Not the biggest gobbler, but with a bow. Thats as good as a 10pt in my book.

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