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Friday, April 10, 2009

Ramps and Brookies

Today Chris Mitchell and I headed north for Pocahontas County. We left Hinton at about 9:00am and the weather looked perfect. Shortly after we reached the stream we thought we were about to be rained out, but being the persistent weather warriors we are, we pushed on and headed upstream. It wasn't too long before we spotted the first patch of ramps so we decided to dig a few. After we dug all the ramps we wanted, we continued upstream and shortly we began catching some brookies. Both Chris and I started off with dry fly patterns and maintained that strategy all day. Most of our fish were caught on a #14 Orange and Chartruese Stimulator and a #16 Cottontail Usual. Chris and I finished the day with over 25 fish brought to hand and countless others that were missed or let off.

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