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Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Little Heavy Liftin'

My good friend and hurgan durgan trout chaser Grant and I left Preston Co. at about 10am. We were headed east for the neighboring state of Maryland, Garret Co. to be exact. We were on the hunt for some hungry Brown Trout. Armed to the teeth with 6 and 7 wt rods and monster streamers that resembled a Rapala we finally hit the water at around 11:30am. Grant was the first to hook up with a really nice brown. I was moving fish left and right, but I just couldnt connect. Finally after a lunch break, we hit a lower section of stream and I finally hooked up with a really pretty brown that had some awesome color and spots on its adipose fin. Grant finished the day with 5 brought to hand leaving me in the wake with a solid 1. All the fish were top notch quality brown trout that ranged from about 14'' to 18''.


  1. Wow. Beautiful closeups. I can't wait. Our season here opens up in a week.

  2. Nice pics, looks like you guys had a great day.